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Mountain biking fills my life with so much fun, laughter and happiness.  Being outside all year round I see wildlife, the seasons change and the beautiful landscape with it.  It is amazing and makes me feel alive.  I want to share my knowledge of the trails of our local surroundings and hope that people get to fall in love with the sport too.  The best job satisfaction is taking someone somewhere where they haven't been before and seeing their faces light up and THE "grin" take over their faces.  Especially when it is on their doorstep and they didn't know about it.

Kathleen - Haslemere

“I don't often do reviews. I have been out on a couple of Jackie's MTB sessions now, and they have been fantastic. The courses are a must if you want to learn the technical side of MTBing (I can now get up and down hills so much easier without wasting loads of energy....just on technique) with the upside of learning some beautiful routes around the local commons (Hankley/Ludshott/Punchbowl) for when you want to venture out on your own. I have LOVED the sessions for all of the above as well as the social side of some company while getting out there in the mud, having the confidence to take on trails I never would have tackled on my own. Jackie Field is knowledgeable, attentive to what you want to get out of a ride, and how she can help you. Expert advice and knowing where all the great trails are to test out newly learned skills.....but most important of all it's great FUN, thanks Jackie 🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️🚴‍♀️.”

Tim - Conford

“Having enjoyed mountain biking several years ago, I had over the past few years lost my motivation for getting out on my bike. I was unfit and overweight, so finding that get-up-and-go was tough.   The first few weeks with Jackie helped me regain my desire to ride again. She helped me build on my confidence and find the fun again in getting out and about.  From the off Jackie pushed me just enough so that I felt that I had achieved something each time I rode, whilst at the same time making it fun and enjoyable so that I wanted to do it again. All the routes Jackie chooses are stunning and that helped me regain my love of mountain biking.  In the past 7 weeks that I have been training with Jackie, not only has it been incredibly enjoyable but my fitness has improved dramatically, my weight has come down and  my general desire to get up and go has returned.  Thank you Jackie!.”

Sharon - Fernhurst


"Has to be said I'm glad I got out tonight for our evening bike ride too easy to just stay at home in slippers but it was fun in the rain now I'm suitably VERY muddy & wet but the bath never felt better!! Love you & thanks Jackie "

Alena - Elstead

"Fantastic ride this morning..Thursley, Rodborough and Whitley Commons....lived here 15 years and never joined them up before! Fab workout in glorious sunshine.... !" 

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